dom moduls for blog:cms ( for xhtml and html )

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other live demo ( minimal Version ) :

modul M ( Moose )

does set the correct number in the reply field

modul MR ( + Radek )

does highlight the current comment, his parent and his child by clicking it. an other click does reset the comment list ( styles are just as example, they are generated with css ). if a ' scroll to ' link is clicked, the display does not change.

modul MA ( + Aleto )

an other application of the parent, current and child classes, with indentation and hiding of the comments which are not part from the current partial thread. works only with a click on the ' show comment in his context ' field ( the needed markup is added with dom too ). does scroll the page to the parent comment. on reseting it does set the clicked comment on top of the viewport.

modul MRA

a merge from all three